À bientôt Ship Show

March 24, 2016

Had you told me four years ago that I’d be a co-host and producer of one of the top DevOps podcasts in the community - I’d have said you were full of it.

Yes it’s true - after 60 episodes and almost 4 years in the running the ShipShow podcast has finally come to an end. It’s bittersweet for me in many ways as this past year has also been a year of losses on a personal level as well.

Co-hosting and producing a podcast is a lot of fun (albeit a lot of hard work as well) and if you ever get the opportunity to do so I’d jump at it. Before the podcast I had a small network of friends and colleagues in the industry. The ShipShow not only expanded my professional network but more importantly allowed me to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds that I otherwise would never have met.

I’m incredibly humbled to have been given this opportunity and while I am saddened that my time on the show has come to an end I look forward to continually staying active in our community by attending more conferences, contributing more time to this blog and hopefully making a difference in someones life somehow.

To our listeners - thank you for listening.

To our guests/panelists - thank you for enlightening us.

To Paul, EJ, Seth, Sascha, Pete, Mike and Kate - thanks for 4 years of rollicking fun.

That’s all folks …

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